Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 19: Interregnum

Late because I wanted to do something about discontinuity, and I didn't know how to set up continuity and then break it within 100 words. But you know what they say; write what you know. Only with less circus. We want it to be believable, after all.

It should have started with the blow, but it didn’t. Of course, rightly it did start with the blow, and everything else was forgotten later, but the way he remembered it was different. First, he was at a bar. Then, he was on the floor, looking up. Then he was in a CT machine. His buddy told him that he had asked for a picture of his brain, but he didn’t remember that. Then again, his buddy also told him that he had started a fight with a guy twice his size. But surely he wouldn’t do anything that stupid.

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