Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11: Epicene

I've spent most of the day waiting for a file to download while I worked on a corset. One of the advantages of having computer work to do is that I can do it from home, I guess.

And the lesson at dancing tonight is on Ceili, which I've wanted to learn for about as long as I have been dancing.

So in the meantime, I'll write a silly story. I don't know if this would actually cause outrage. I don't think it would. I'd find it pretty amusing, and possibly interesting. But I can see people being dubious, I guess. And it was either this or worms.

The producers kept their casting choice for the new season top secret. It was a daunting task, in the leak-prone Hollywood culture. No one kept anything secret, not here, not really. Except for this. There were rumors, plenty of rumors. There were jokes. But there had been jokes for decades. And nothing was verified: no one knew, until it was too late for fan write-in campaigns or outrage.

Which isn’t to say the change, the new actress, went unnoticed. The offices were flooded with letters. But the producers just laughed.

Whoever said the Doctor couldn’t regenerate into a female body?

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Epii said...

Hey, there were all those rumors about rose! or campaigns at least :)