Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 12: Prolix

I got home from a birthday party all thinking "oh, I can get ahead of the game if I write a drabble!"

Yeah right.

Fortunately, 'prolix' is one adjective that I have always identified with. Although writing 100 words about nothing would be duller than dull. So I wrote about a firing squad instead.

“Last words?”

“I don’t suppose that anything I say would have any impact now. If I thought I could persuade you to change your mind I would have said something quite a bit sooner, don’t you think? And what does it matter if I wish my wife and children goodbye or not, at this point. The damage will still be done. After all, there's no difference between growing up with a dead father whose last words were ‘I love you, Charlie’ and growing up with a dead father who had some other last words? Nothing substantial, anyway. So, no--”


Also, Lila tried on the corset today... and two things were wrong. First, it did not fit as anticipated. Which is to say, the cap sleeve was slightly askew and so I have some alterations to do. The corset itself looked awesome. But second, I did not have my camera. So I'm thinking the post about that will be at some point in two weeks, after Nova Albion, when we will get loads of pictures.

I'll make it up to you by posting circus videos tomorrow. That sounds fair, right? Documentation of one wacky hobby instead of another.

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