Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 14: Pusillanimous

Another one that reminds me of nothing more than the Wizard of Oz.

He wasn’t a cat. Something that large could only be called a lion. His paws were larger than her hands, and when he yawned she swore she could fit her head into his mouth. His purr was like a giant rubber band being plucked. He never hissed, but his growl was like a chainsaw. He even had a mane: a dark cowl of fur that stuck out behind his ears and under his chin.

But even though he was as big as most of their guests, he still panicked when company arrived. She had gone through ten couches that way.


Leah said...


Ayn said...
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Ayn said...

Is this about a certain feline I know well?

Elizabeth said...

Ayn - Consciously, I was actually just thinking about the Wizard of Oz. But Fezzik probably played a role in it as well.