Sunday, September 18, 2011

What happened to the drabbles?

So, you may have noticed that I have totally fallen off the wagon. There are a couple reasons for this. One is that I've started reading compulsively, all the Arthurian legend I can find. Right now I'm sitting next to a pile of books that is at least a foot and a half high, and it is staring at me with big doe eyes and saying "Why aren't you reeeeeading meeee?"

The idea was that I was going to use Arthurian legend in a story I was writing, and for that reason I should really know more about King Arthur than can be conveyed in the musicals "Camelot" and "Spamalot". But I appear to have gone overboard (me? Go overboard? Never!) on the research. When (if) I get out from under the pile, and actually write something, it'll be up here. I promise. And it'll be longer than 100 words.

In the meantime, I'm also making a corset! And teaching myself embroidery! It will be fantastic, or maybe awful, but it will be a corset! You can read about the first day of work here!

In other news, I think maybe I need to scale back on the grandiose plans. Maybe? Or would that be no fun at all?

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Drabble: Inculcate

I liked the "repetition" part of the definition most. This sort of works, I think.
Abby didn't really like the poem her teacher had chosen for her, a complicated tangle of words that she could barely pronounce, much less understand. But she liked the way her teacher had smiled upon handing her the script, whispering “I saved the best one for you.” And so Abby dutifully forced her mouth into awkward positions that would yield the knots of language until the clots tripped off the end of her tongue lightly. 
Years later, whenever she heard the poem, she would smile with proprietary pride, her nostalgia making up for the obvious and plentiful textual shortcomings.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Drabble: Aplomb

You can tell I'm tired because this is almost entirely based on a pun. Better tomorrow?

“Oh no, I'm sure I can handle it,” was his continual reprise. First, when the drain was clogged. Then, when the caustic chemicals he was using began bubbling back up towards the kitchen. Again when the floor was covered in lime, eating through the mop he was trying to use to clean it up. You couldn't fault his confidence, or his collected nature, simply the results of his actions. 
“Stop it,” you would say. “We should call a professional.” 
“Oh, no, we don't need to pay a plumber for this. I'm sure I can handle it.”

Drabble: Gammon

Oh no! I'm super late, because work today was a nightmare and a half, and then Ceili lasted until they kicked us out of the Gelato shop. The latter totally made up for the former, of course.

But! Here is a drabble about lies and ham, because Gammon means a lie, but it sounds like ham.
The ham gleamed in the center of the table, succulent and golden. Christopher's mouth watered. This was his favorite part of Christmas: the ham. And better, his cousins were visiting their other grandparents. 
Christopher only had to share with his parents and his father's friend, who had nowhere else to go. 
“You don't keep kosher, do you?” Christopher's father asked. “Chris loves ham. Insists on it.” This was too good to be true! 
And then the reply: “It's fine. It looks delicious.” 
Christopher's heart fell, but not far. One old man was still better than four cousins.
I know, I know, no four people could eat a whole ham in one sitting, especially if one of them is Jewish and another a small child. But this is America, land of excess, so they'd certainly try.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Drabble: Paralipsis

Percy checked again to make certain that all his things were properly packed. If something was amiss, it was an excuse to repack. He hated disorder. And every moment packing was another moment not fighting monsters. It was safer here. 
The message from the king had been very clear on one thing: all able-bodied young men were to go the northern border. It hadn't mentioned what they would be fighting. 
The rumors were not particularly comforting. “Apart from the usual dangers,” a soldier had said at the inn last night, “I hear there's another dragon to contend with.”

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Drabble: Braird

Rightly, this should be about zombies climbing out of graves or something. That'd be even better. Maybe I'll write that one later. But zombies don't really /sprout/, they grow, so I had to include a plant in the first one.
“That's not what bell peppers look like.” He meant it as a warning, but I heard an attack.
“My peppers are lovely,” I bit. 
“Your peppers are black. Are they rotten?” 
“Rotten! They're delicious.” He looked at the plant dubiously. “Taste it,” I insisted, picking a particularly dark pepper. “It's safe.” 
Hesitantly, he took a bite. His suspicion melted away, but nothing replaced it. “Oh,” he said. “Can I have another?” 
He'd be back to criticism all too soon. But in the meantime... 
“Water,” I said. 
He picked up the hose.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Craft blog: blue jean bustle

So, a while back Paula (who is awesome) and I decided to start a blog full of the things we make. And I finally wrote up a post, from the pictures I took while making a bustle inspired by one of hers. (A shameless ploy to get her to post? Maaayyyybe...)

Anyway, you should check it out!

My blue-jean bustle!

Drabble: Nebulize

Hey, an early one. And one that I rather like. I've finally told enough of a story that I feel like it has a beginning, middle, and end. So that's something. It still feels like the beginning of something longer, and there's still more things open at the end than resolved, but it's a drabble so I feel like there are allowances made.

“There are… things in the fog!”  His voice is shrill; almost crazed.
“Stop crying like a scared child,” you chide. There are always shapes in the fog, little shadows and depths. Fog is never a uniform white blanket.  You see it every day. 
But you’ve never felt it before. There’s a thickening in the fog around you. Your vision clouds. You can still hear him, but muffled as though someone was covering your ears. You can feel a tendril of the fog – an individual tendril – as it fills your mouth. 
“Don’t ssscream,” it whispers. “Thisss will only hurt a little.”

And it's early enough; maybe I'll have time for another one today. Or a post about something else. That'd be crazy.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Drabble: Darkle

Let me first say that really, there shouldn't be a word that means "darken" and rhymes with "sparkle". But there is. Because life is just that wonderful. And, secondly, another drabble that sounds like the introduction to a story rather than something that stands on its own. I'm working on it. I feel like I could have pared the beginning down even more, but that it would lose any voice it had, and that wouldn't be as good. This is at least better, because it gets to the punchline, kinda. Maybe.

The pool shone darkly in the moonlight. Caitlynn dipped a toe in experimentally, half expecting it to be solid as glass, or thick as molasses. It wasn’t. The ripples shivered away from her foot, blotting out the image of the moon, and then they were subsumed as she waded in. She leaned back and closed her eyes, floating. Peaceful. She didn’t notice clouds washing in, until the stars were gone and the moon was a faint light patch. The pool had turned velvety-black. It clung to her skin. 
She dried herself with a towel, but the shadow wouldn’t come off. 

(EDIT: I totally thought that setting the "Published on" time for sometime, like, six hours from now would hold this for six hours. No such luck. Either I'll figure out a way to do that or I'll just know in my heart that I'm one ahead on drabbles for the month.)