Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Drabble: Gammon

Oh no! I'm super late, because work today was a nightmare and a half, and then Ceili lasted until they kicked us out of the Gelato shop. The latter totally made up for the former, of course.

But! Here is a drabble about lies and ham, because Gammon means a lie, but it sounds like ham.
The ham gleamed in the center of the table, succulent and golden. Christopher's mouth watered. This was his favorite part of Christmas: the ham. And better, his cousins were visiting their other grandparents. 
Christopher only had to share with his parents and his father's friend, who had nowhere else to go. 
“You don't keep kosher, do you?” Christopher's father asked. “Chris loves ham. Insists on it.” This was too good to be true! 
And then the reply: “It's fine. It looks delicious.” 
Christopher's heart fell, but not far. One old man was still better than four cousins.
I know, I know, no four people could eat a whole ham in one sitting, especially if one of them is Jewish and another a small child. But this is America, land of excess, so they'd certainly try.

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