Saturday, September 03, 2011

Drabble: Nebulize

Hey, an early one. And one that I rather like. I've finally told enough of a story that I feel like it has a beginning, middle, and end. So that's something. It still feels like the beginning of something longer, and there's still more things open at the end than resolved, but it's a drabble so I feel like there are allowances made.

“There are… things in the fog!”  His voice is shrill; almost crazed.
“Stop crying like a scared child,” you chide. There are always shapes in the fog, little shadows and depths. Fog is never a uniform white blanket.  You see it every day. 
But you’ve never felt it before. There’s a thickening in the fog around you. Your vision clouds. You can still hear him, but muffled as though someone was covering your ears. You can feel a tendril of the fog – an individual tendril – as it fills your mouth. 
“Don’t ssscream,” it whispers. “Thisss will only hurt a little.”

And it's early enough; maybe I'll have time for another one today. Or a post about something else. That'd be crazy.

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