Thursday, December 04, 2008


So, this idea hit me this afternoon. In particular, the idea was a super power that was not invisibility as such, but simply the ability to go unnoticed. Constantly. It morphed into this:
The envelope was fluorescent pink, and still Andy almost discarded it with the rest of his junkmail.

The sender was “The Department of Supernatural Affairs.”

He opened the envelope. An application fell out, and a cover letter.

“Dear Sir,” it proclaimed in big, bold letters,

“You have not come to our attention in a search for applicants for a position at the Department of Supernatural Affairs.

“Are you constantly overlooked? If so, the Department of Supernatural affairs may be perfect for you! Meet other people like you, who use their remarkable unremarkability to be extraordinary and unnoticed.”

Andy blinked. What?

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ayn said...

I like the line, "You have not come to our attention..."

It reminds me of those devices the Doctor, Martha, and Jack wear at the end of season 3.