Wednesday, December 03, 2008


A rather literal take, because I feel like it.
People were rarely surprised that Caty worked with the circus; they were more surprised, however, that she was an acrobat. How could she perform with her… disability?

But she put up with their stares, with their ogling, because once she got on stage everything changed. Suspended, she was as graceful as a prima ballerina standing on the tips of her toes. She floated in silks, and twined with rope; even cold chains lifted her up rather than keeping her down. Freed of gravity, her freakishness was turned to beauty.

After all, who needs feet when they can’t touch the ground?
The aerial fabrics class will be offered again next quarter, which is excellent, and I do not think it clashes with any of my classes, which is also excellent. I will keep my fingers crossed!

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