Saturday, December 06, 2008


First, a drabble, inspired by the word "Sentinel":
They said it was impossible to get past the sentinel; that no one had ever reached the castle unknown. But Daniel had his ways. He was better than the others.

He was not, however, as good as the girl he tripped over in his way through the forest. “Sorry!” she yelped, smiling warmly and moving out of his way. “Are you going to the castle?”

Daniel nodded instinctively. He realized too late that he should be keeping his secrets.

“Marvellous!” she said, cheerily. “I am too!”

“Why?” he asked.

“To tell the king you’re here,” she chirped. “I’m the sentinel.”
Also, my mother laughed at me when I said I was surprised that strangers on the street have conversations with me. She pointed out that I once lent my phone to a (probable) drug dealer on Michigan Avenue. In my defense, I did not think he was a drug dealer, just a man without a phone. (Although it is a good story). She also laughed at my assertion that I was a cynical, east-coast, city-type and not a friendly California type. However, I stand by my assertions and my surprise.

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ayn said...

I don't think that cynical and city-type necessarily go together (unless you mean east coast city type, in which that is certainly the stereotype). But I don't think of you as cynical. Skeptical? Ja. Shy sometimes? Sure. But not cynical in a way that would be deemed unfriendly.