Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Bane of all my Resolutions

I was cleaning my room at my parents' house when I discovered, much to my joy, the missing disc to Final Fantasy VII (for Windows). I had thought it was gone forever. So had my brother. He's now jealous (he no longer runs a Windows machine, and therefore cannot even steal it from me). And I have just left Midgar for the world at large, having decided to save it from Sephiroth. It's pretty wonderful. And the boss music is now stuck in my head.

Also there are lots of minigames that I don't remember; I am more used to FFVIII or FFX (neither of which have I beaten -- my brother is an absurd backseat gamer and that took much of the fun away from video games), which are much more straightforward. I think I like the small varieties of gameplay, although I have to admit that I am terrible at just about all of them (just like I'm terrible at most video games).

I had all of these really good resolutions planned, too, but I think in the short term I won't even keep a resolution of "Don't spend every waking moment playing FFVII". So I might have to revise those. We shall see.

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