Friday, December 26, 2008


A drabble, inspired by the word Paltry:
“Don’t touch that!” the shout rang out across the room. “Don’t you dare!”

Jacob stared quizzically at his niece and the decorated paper plate in his hand. Most of the glitter had worn off, the bright colors faded. “What?”

“Put it down, now.”

Jacob set it down, still confused. Annie glared up at him. “That is the special-est award I have ever gotten. It is one of a kind. No one can touch it.”

Jacob stared up at the large mass-produced trophies that adorned the shelves, and the paper plate covered in tempera paint, and thought that maybe he understood.
Saw "Frost/Nixon" today. It was really well done, and sparked a conversation about corruption in government and what Nixon did other than Watergate and whether (to simplify horribly) he was just a total slimeball and a crook or an overall decent president who did some really stupid corrupt things at the end of his tenure and got caught. (Diplomacy with China and Russia? Founding the EPA? wha?)

Also had an adventure trying to get a custom calendar made for my mother. Ritz Camera stores appear to have problems employing non-obnoxious people, and also keeping their printers working. Two stores later, we still had not found a place that could print the calendar anytime in the known future. Which was not the result my mother and I expected, or desired. Especially since my father had received an e-mail telling him not that they had gotten his order, but that the calendar was printed and ready for pickup. Which was quite something in our opinions.

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ayn said...

I don't know why I did't leave a comment when I first read this drabble, but I really liked it. It even repeated it (paraphrased) to a friend of mine at a social gathering recently.