Thursday, December 25, 2008


A drabble, perhaps part of a longer piece and obliquely inspired by the word "Oblique":
“So, what do you do?” he asked, leaning too close for Sarah’s comfort.

She coughed lightly. “You’re psychic. Why don’t you tell me?”

He paused; perhaps offended. “Clever.” No such luck. “You work with Janice.” That wasn’t a surprising insight. “So, HR.” He grinned. “Impressed?”

“Forgive me if I’m not,” she said bluntly.

He smirked. “You have a useless degree in Philosophy from Cornell. You work long hours, without thanks. You don’t go out; haven’t since last year. Janice talked you into this and abandoned you, ‘for your own good’.”

He paused; she stared.

“No, Janice did not tell me.”
To a certain extent, my stubborn angry determination has defeated my writer's block. At least, this drabble was quicker than the last one. So that's good. Also, I've started going over November's Novel and will be posting it starting Jan. 1, with posts every week. It would be nice to be regularly posting something longer than 100 words, again.

Christmas was quiet; no one in my family could sleep last night (as in, everyone was awake at 4 AM), so we didn't do too much today. But I did have time to watch four Doctor Who Christmas Specials (all of the new ones, for those who know or care). I have to say, the newest one (The Next Doctor) is probably my favorite; vying with The Christmas Invasion. I would lean towards saying I like the new one better, largely because some of the themes that they've been playing with -- humans almost as clever, and therefore almost as powerful, as the Doctor, for one, and the Doctor's central loneliness, for another -- are done nicely in The Next Doctor and not even touched in The Christmas Invasion. And I like those themes.

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