Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today was a good day

I've always loved gargoyles, they were one of the reasons I came to Chicago. So I couldn't take pictures without taking pictures of gargoyles. There's something creepy about these guys, I think. Like the ivy growing over them reflects how the real world, and time, imprisons us all and drives us mad. Or something like that.
I like how this one is staring straight at me.

This is sort of my image of the dorm and the university; I remember when I visited Hyde Park with my parents when I was a small child, and falling in love with the University because of a tricycle race and these archways. And here you can see the dorm through one of them!

From there I headed out to bigger and better things, of course, downtown for Silks. From that excursion I got more pictures of Chicago at large rather than just the University.

The desired photograph of "Grand" -- This is Grand. Doors open on the left at Grand. It's too bad that this is the randomly blurry picture that I took. So I don't know if I'll use it for anything; it was a nice idea perhaps though.

And me, upside down! At the moment this was taken, I was worried that my top foot was going to come untwisted, which would have been awkward. But I finally have photographic proof of Silks! It was definitely bittersweet, and the woman who taught the lesson was full of well-wishes and congratulations, told me to stop by when I visit Chicago (which I very well might do). Other exciting things that happened at silks today were 1) I climbed to the top of their 30 foot ceilings on my first go (usually I get scared that I'm going to fall so I start heading back to the safety of the ground) and 2) I successfully did straddle climbs for the like second time! There was another picture that was sort of from the side, and you could see the silver-dollar sized blister I have on the bottom of my foot (ow!) from walking yesterday. Ouchies!

I like this picture of the El. I like that the sign saying it's a green line train to Harlem and Lake is blurred out, and I love that you can see the city crystal-clear in the background (which only means that the city was not moving).

I also got a couple of the city from the bridge at the Ashland green line stop. I now have pictures of the city from South, North, and West. East would be harder without a sailboat.

I have other pictures that I am not posting out of kindness to your internet connection; sort of. I think these are the best.


John said...

It's like you're a reverse tourist! See you in MD soon!

Jisun said...

boogers. i forgot you had a blog.