Sunday, June 29, 2008


Molly was home with the babysitter. Her parents wouldn’t be home for hours. The sitter was chatting on the phone and ignoring her charge. Molly, momentarily, had free reign, and she had been planning for this moment for weeks. A sly grin grew across her face as she snuck into the kitchen.

Molly awoke the next morning to her father’s stern face. “Molly, what you did last night was very bad,” he said angrily.

She blinked up at him with large blue eyes.

“You could have hurt yourself!” He sighed, and then smiled. “We’ve signed you up for cooking lessons.”

In other news, Glenwood won its third (out of four!) dive meet this season! This one was incredibly close; we were missing a lot of divers and going up against a very good team; we only won by one point (could not have been closer!)! I have very few complaints about the diving in general; the kids were troopers (one nine year old dove as an 11-12 because we needed her to, the other nine year olds were jealous they weren't "chosen"), they were well-behaved (no pushing or peeing on the deck), for the most part they paid attention, and the older kids especially really pulled out some amazing dives (Bea and Nate in particular). At halftime, Austin was calculating scores and thought we were five points behind. As they announced the older kids' places, I was tallying in my head; seven points up with 13-14s (to a net two ahead) and one point down with 15-18s (to a net one ahead), but I didn't trust the math, and I was just sort of sitting there edgy until the meet result was announced, when we were jumping for joy (it was almost as exhilarating as a scav victory, and featured a group hug with my fellow coaches and Bea). I mean, one point. One point! And we were missing our best diver, too, although I don't think that would have changed the ending very much (the way I figure it, he would have taken second place -- which Nate took anyway, so he would only have gained third place for us, which is one point; it would have been a three point victory instead of a one point victory).

One more meet, next week. I want a win for my birthday! *fingers crossed* Then we'd be undefeated this season, which would be awesome.

I'm not competitive at all, of course.

In other news, my mother mistook me for a fifteen year old boy today. No, I am not joking. She actually walked right past me, thinking "Who is that talking to Glenwood divers? He sounds and looks really familiar. Which fifteen year old boy am I forgetting about? And where's Elizabeth?" She admitted it on the phone to my brother, when I was in the room. I am never letting her live it down.

And people wonder why I have this complex where I think I look like an adolescent boy.

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