Saturday, June 28, 2008


Inspired by the line "If you're made of calcium, I'll have to take a taste" from MX Missiles by Andrew Bird. (I just realized that I had been negligent in linking that.)

Beatrice hated milk. Since the earliest age, she had simply hated the taste. She was weaned in record time. Later, her mother tried adding sugar, vanilla, strawberry, even chocolate, futilely. Beatrice hated it steamed and she hated it chilled. She hated it in yogurt, in cheese, even in ice cream.

So Beatrice had to find her calcium somewhere else.

Looking at the spread before her, of calcium-enriched and fortified foods, Beatrice winced. Her mother had given her a simple task: taste everything, and determine what she liked.

Sighing, she threw away the milk. One down. A hundred thousand to go.

Ayn's story can be found here.

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