Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I can has souvenirs?

I wandered around downtown today taking pictures that screamed "CHICAGO". I felt like such a tourist. The idea is to get a few that I wouldn't mind printing out and putting on a wall somewhere. I'll get a few that say "GRAND" tomorrow when I go to silks, and some of Hyde Park as well, because those should be less generic touristy and more personal. I might even get pictures of me hanging from fabric from the ceiling too. It would be a picture-full day. Hopefully. That's the idea, at least.

Taken from the point with Emblies, this is one of the few that I am happy about how it turned out. The city looks almost like a backdrop rather than a real city. Which is kinda nifty. It was raining down there and sunny at the point when I took the picture.

The Wrigley Building and Trib Tower and Michigan with the river. I want a picture with the river so I can point it out and say "See, it really is bright green all the time!"

Wrigley + Trib tower without the river. I really didn't want a picture of Trump Tower.

They were raising the bridges to let a boat through when I was downtown. This is State Street, I think.

The Hancock building from behind a tree? I couldn't get a shot sans tree without standing in the middle of the street, which I was loath to do. I don't know how I feel about this one.
The El, because why not?
From Fullerton Avenue, the north tip of the Lincoln Park Zoo. This needs cropping to remove the fingers. Which goes to show I am not a photographer.
From North Avenue, on the way to the North Avenue Beach.
A panorama at the north end of the North Avenue Beach (so around Fullerton).

And, because this picture needs to exist somewhere other than my camera, three Rosses!

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