Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the interest of posting almost daily

A weekly drabble challenge with Ayn, using Andrew Bird lyrics.

Our rules:
100 words
Inspired by the lyrics

As of yet, that's about it. Rules on including (or, interestingly, not including) the lyrics might be appended.

This week's lyrics: "The sky is full of zeros and ones"

My drabble, titled "The Butterfly Effect" because I am bad with titles:

He was the only person he knew who never saw animals in clouds. Others looked up and found dogs, or birds, or monkeys; but even when he knew what to look for he could never animate the fluffy balls of white.

Instead he saw fluid dynamics; cold fronts and warm fronts and relative humidity. He saw numbers racing through a computer; calculations; cause and effect. He saw the butterfly in China and eddies and currents bringing the hurricane to Florida. He saw chaos from order from chaos. So when he told people he was born a meteorologist, he wasn’t lying.

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ayn said...

Hey! I finally wrote mine. You can see it here: I linked to yours in my post.

I like it! Try putting your last sentence on a new line for more drama.