Sunday, August 17, 2008


Inspired by a sudden storm that prevented me from getting to Houston on time; meant to be in the same universe as Finding Nerissa (and hinting at something longer? I dunno; something has been marinating in my brain for a while, and I'm coming up with names. But Nerissa spent something like three years at this stage, so who knows).

It began.

And the rain poured down, turning the solid ground into a sea of mud, falling in streams and rivers and torrents, until there was more water than air; drenching, soaking, drowning.

And the lightning flashed, lighting the ominous black sky, and although it should have been impossible it lit fires – the crackle of electricity burning through the water, the flash of light blinding and scorching.

And the thunder roared, rumbled, the ground shook with the force of the sound, knocking trees over and reducing houses to piles of rubble.

And the wind, the wind…

There was no wind.

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