Monday, August 11, 2008

Not from 'round here

Inspired by the word "Provenance", and my recent trip to Mississippi.

“You ain’t from ‘round here, are you?”

The words were running through my head constantly, drawling in a nasal voice, although no one had come close to speaking them in my presence. Everyone was sweet tea and warm butter, smiles and handshakes and even a few hugs. If anything, they did more to make me feel welcome than my parents on the few occasions when I went home. I wasn’t expecting it, and I clenched the handle of my bag like a talisman. No, I didn’t need help carrying it. They took it anyway.

“You’re in Mississippi now,” they smiled.

For serious, though, the wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast, and I loved hanging out and chatting with everyone I hung out and chatted with. It was wonderful; hardly a dull moment and certainly never a bad one! Congratulations, Duff and Anja!

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