Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do the BIM!

Or, Silver Shoes, inspired by the word "Juju":

Her mother said the shoes only gave her confidence (and reduced friction) but she knew better. She could tell from their shine, their silver color, and the way they supported her weight securely despite a stiletto heel, that they were magic. They moved of their own volition; stepping and skipping and spinning and swerving, transmogrifying clumsiness into grace. Take them off and she slipped, tripped. Slip them on and she floated, flew.

And then, disaster. Gliding over a grate, her heel stuck in a hole and she tumbled over. Her left shoe lay, in two pieces. She never danced again.

Clearly I am posting a surfeit of posts now to make up for the fact that I will likely not be able to post at all this weekend. Also, apparently, today I am in an alliterative mood (aspect?). Go figure.


ayn said...

Is this about Nerissa?

Elizabeth said...

In fact, no. The idea just came to me with the combination of "Do the BIM!" and "Juju".

But I guess it could be.

Also, I have intarwebs, and am not staking out a coffee shop for internet at midnight. Although the latter does sound like something I would do.