Sunday, August 24, 2008


Inspired by either "Foment" or "Comity", or both of them, because who wouldn't want to write something about both of those words? Also taken out of the Nerissa universe, which just goes to show that I have been thinking about a sequel. Perhaps it will be my November's project.

Tension lay thick on the table, poisoning the wine, clouding the air. It caught in someone’s lungs and a cough echoed through the hall. The only other sound was the scrape of the General’s knife on his plate. Shhhk-shhhk. Nerissa sighed; bad table manners would go a long way towards inciting an argument. She wanted to sneak over, whisper instructions into his ear, but he would likely take offense. Shhhk-shhhk. “I thought you Fairies were a bunch of child-stealing monsters,” the general boomed, full of poisoned wine, “but you’re not that threatening.”

The Fairy prince flinched, and the ground rumbled.

The Fairy prince being of course Adlai Corundum, who has grown on me rather significantly, now that I've changed his character enough to allow for things like "motivation" and "not just being stuck-up and vaguely evil". The whole plot is still very much in the planning stages, but I know what I want the conflict to be, and I have a vague idea (emphasis on vague) of where I would want it to end.

Kevin was out this weekend, and I have a couch! (Yay!) Pictures will be up, probably, next time I post. Saw Radiohead (sort of) and Cake and Regina Spektor and Andrew Bird at OutsideLands, which was fun but made me realize that I don't really like big music festivals because crowds are not so much my thing. Climbed a tree to listen to Spektor and Cake, which was pretty damn awesome, because there wasn't a crowd in the tree and everything is pretty much better when you're climbing a tree. Or climbing just about anything else, for that matter.

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Embly said...

everything is better when you're climbing in a tree. Or climbing most anything, I entirely agree!