Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Inspired by the line "You were a Cosmonaut in the space between our chairs" from "Armchairs"

All of her time spent underwater in high-pressure suits could not prepare her for the vertigo of stepping out of the shuttle for the first time, knowing there was absolutely nothing (not even ground after a fall) beneath her. She assumed that all the preparation in the world would be insufficient for that. But as she gazed down at the foreign planet, and repaired her radio antenna, she was filled with a renewed determination. She was almost there – her own home was light-years behind her.

When the aliens had kidnapped her brother, they chose the wrong girl to mess with.

I'm going to say that I took this past weekend off of writing because of my birthday, and yesterday off because of the delayed dive meet. And we'll pretend that it's true and I'm not just lazy.

Also, I'm not going to feel guilty about not being "more dedicated" to a hobby. Because that is silly. If anything, I should feel guilty that I am not doing any science this summer.

Although that is sort of the point.

ETA: So, apparently, I wrote to the wrong quote. Oops! Ayn's story can be found here.

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