Saturday, July 05, 2008

Jekyll and Hyde

Last night, at the fireworks concert (plans changed at the last minute because one friend desperately wanted to see the mediocre concert that they put on to go with the fireworks) Brian Stokes Mitchell (of Broadway fame) sang an incredibly sappy song called "This is the Moment" to Olympic Athletes, supposedly about how amazing it is to have your moment in the Olympic sun.

I was surprised that I knew all the words, and concluded that it had to be from some Broadway show or another, but could not for the life of me determine which one. That's because I did not expect it to be from "Jekyll and Hyde", a show I have neither seen nor heard the entire soundtrack to, but apparently heard excerpts from at some point or another, and they stuck in my memory.

The point is, I suppose, that creating a potion that unlocks the purest aggression and anger in the human spirit and turns you into a violent, brutal monster is really analogous to going to the Olympics. In every way imaginable.

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