Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anonymous Writers' Club

An idea that came to me while eyeing journals in an open pavillion outside Borders.

Julie hid between the bookshelves, vandal’s pen shaking between her fingers. If they found her, they would make her buy the journal, and that would be no use. She opened it to a random page –at first glance it would still appear unsullied.

“Gentle writer,” she inscribed, gaining confidence. “Fate has selected you. Bring dessert and something original.
“700 Elm Street #6
“8:00 PM Wednesday

Someone approached. Lightning fast, Julie hid her pen and shut the journal, pretending to examine its cover. The clerk passed, and she carefully replaced the book on its shelf and slipped into the night.

In other news, I have a home! For reals! It is super - de - duper exciting, actually! It's a beautiful place, with a large living room and a big bedroom and new appliances and a front patio and a back yard and tons of storage and lots of light and I can have a garden and all sorts of stuff and it's just absolutely wonderful. It's in this quiet residential neighborhood a short bike from campus and from downtown (read: "downtown") Palo Alto! Hooray! I would post pictures, but I do not have the cord to go from my camera to my computer, so you shall have to wait until I get back home, at which point I will have pictures with some furniture as well. Hooray again!


Lisa said...

Oh, that sounds glorious! Now tell me...have you found a place to swing from silk?

Elizabeth said...

I am unfortunately no closer to finding a place to conveniently do silks than I was before. Which is a shame. The sense I get is that there's stuff 1 hr north, 1.5 hr south, and 2 hr west, but nothing here. So I'm sort of in the middle of nowhere (no surprise there). I'm checking out the place in San Francisco tomorrow though!