Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'll post with more pictures later. But an afternoon of waiting for PCR to be done has left me with several interesting oddities:

1) http://circusfolkunite.googlepages.com/crisscrosscircus

This is awesome. I wish I was one of those kids. Oh, how I wish I was one of those kids. Oh well.

2) The quote: "Monotremes are like the fantasy geezer aunt you never knew you had, breezing in from the other side of the world, with wild tales of the past and no plans for slowing down." (from here)

I never knew I had a fantasy geezer aunt I never knew I had; it's even better that she's a platypus.

3) I might be done with Scav for the foreseeable future, but the San Francisco Bay Area has something perhaps even better: Maker Faire. So I will not be starved for annual festivals of creativity and wackiness.

4) I agree with this article on just about every count. The revolution is coming, and it will be a revolution on the level of Galileo and Darwin. The argument of whether or not "God" exists fails intrinsically since "God" as a concept is so poorly defined (or impossible to define, take your pick). The real argument and the real paradigm shift we need to be considering is the shift away from any particular "God", the shift away from the revealed faiths, the faiths-of-the-book, and the shift towards and more accepting and more understanding and more universal faith that does not and will not contradict reason. (I'm sorry; any time you write down what "God" says is right or true in any but the vaguest and most general terms, you open yourself up to being contradicted by the wisdom of later days.) The interesting thing, to me, is that such a more universal faith seems to necessitate the abandonment of any corporeal/describable "God" de facto: In order to incorporate all ideas of "God", you cannot cleave to any one idea.

There was also a lot about Global Warming and Polar Bears going extinct that made me sad. But I don't want to post about that.

Pictures of Scav and a follow-up on the half-pony half-monkey monster later!

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