Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another 100 words!

iFace: The Future of Beauty

Sally hated iFaces, even if they were “the future of beauty”. Hers, a gift from a fashionable aunt, was only good as a paperweight. No, she couldn’t turn her face blue to broadcast her misery, but she would rather focus on her drink.

“You know, if you hold that any tighter, you’ll break it.”

She slammed down the glass. “What d’you care? Go hit on someone else.”

“Most women today aren’t worth the effort. They’re either depressed or shallow.”


“You’re the only one who isn’t hiding her face.” Sally laughed, surprised. He smiled. “Can I buy you another round?”

The idea was for a monolayer-thin, flexible organic led screen in the shape of a mask with a wireless connection to a server in the sky for storing preset "makeover" files, which could do things like make it look like you had perfect eyeshadow/blush/lipstick or completely remove dark circles under your eyes, without the health risks of putting lots of nasty chemicals all over your face every day. I know, the details don't come through. Oh well. Hopefully the generalities (it's a mask, it's computerized, it has something to do with cosmetics) do. But might I actually have a little bit of plot, possibly even a character, in 100 words? Go me!

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