Friday, May 30, 2008

Drabble part, I don't know how many: The Drabbling


She might have been crying before she jumped in, but when she surfaced, the tear-stains on her cheeks disappeared. She sighed. Her expression softened. She took a deep breath and swam, relishing the cool of the water on her face, the tactile explosion of exhaling. One two three exhale inhale one two three exhale inhale. Out with her anger, her fear; in with soft happiness. Like supports like: if she wasn’t calm, liquid, flexible, she would sink. Her troubles slowly dissolved away. She flipped over to her back and stared at the ceiling, perfectly relaxed. The water held her up.

I'm not super proud of this one; it was an image that was in my head and wouldn't go away, and I needed something to write anyway, so I wrote it, but I don't think it has anywhere to go and I don't think it's particularly good. Something better tomorrow, I promise! Well, maybe not promise. But hope!

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