Monday, April 11, 2011


Spent the better part of the weekend reading the latest Thursday Next book. It occurred to me that my love for Jasper Fforde pairs nicely with my love for Tom Stoppard, in that half the joy of either of them is in allusion, wit, and postmodernism.

Three of my favorite things!

Anyway, that certainly led to this, although I'm not sure how much I like this one. Feels too much like ripping other people off.

How to Tell You’re an Artificial Construct from Someone Else’s Mind: Ten Easy Rules

1) Your life is full of foreshadowing, not coincidence.

2) Your actions and words all have significance.

3) You forget large swaths of your past until they become useful.

4) You have one, and only one, striking physical characteristic.

5) You know your purpose, or

6) you feel reasonably certain you have one.

7) You forego mundane actions – like eating or bathing –

8) without consequences – like starvation or body odor.

9) You’re easy to ignore, especially when you're right.

10) When you're cut, you bleed ideas.


Ayn said...

Like this very much. Submit it to Drabblecast!

Elizabeth said...

It's too derivative, I feel. Honestly, for me it reads like a paraphrasing of a passage in Fforde's latest, not something unto itself. All that's missing is the citations. If I think of a way to make it different, then I'll edit + submit.