Monday, September 15, 2008

Sea Sickness

I am home, and so I am back to daily drabbling. This one inspired (believe it or not, hah) by the word "Culminate". Also the fact that I can still feel a ship moving underneath me, but fortunately not the fact that I had a problem with sea-sickness while onboard.
Joanne sighed in relief as they called: “Land ho!” The transatlantic crossing, recommended as the epitome in restful luxury by her parents, had sent her below-decks for an entire week, racked with horrible sea-sickness. But finally, finally she was off of that little dingy and onto blessedly solid land. She eyed the pier with excitement, and was the first to disembark.

Then she wobbled on her high-heel, swerving to one side and the other like a drunken sailor. She grabbed hold of a jetty for support.

Invisible swells swept under her feet, and she cursed her luck and her stomach.

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