Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heroes, Season 3: Brought to you by the word Bilious

It's the word of the day.

I couldn't resist.

Neither could I resist shouting at the screen in anguish repeatedly while watching the Heroes season three premier.

I could barely resist gouging my ears and eyes out.

Since the premier was not tonight but last night, I'm going to assume that I'm not posting spoilers for anyone who cares about reading spoilers. But:

I didn't like Heroes for the random powers, for the world it created, for the special effects, or for the simple fact that it was a super-hero show. I liked Heroes because I go to know, and like, and empathize with, the characters. Take Hiro, who I think is probably most everyone's favorite character (if he's not your favorite character, then you're silly). In the first season, he was just sustained awesome. In the second season, I put up with that ridiculous Takezo Kensei plot mostly because Hiro was in it, and Hiro was being his faithful, puppy-dog self. If it had been the naturally suspicious and serious Noah Bennet (who I like, don't get be wrong), or the takes-himself-waaay-too-seriously Peter Petrelli who had been sent back in time, the side-plot wouldn't just have gotten dull fast, it would have been impossible to watch. Like that feildtrip we took to Ireland with memory-wiped-now-morally-ambiguous Peter (that might be a hint -- keep Peter the good guy, unambiguously, please?).

Now, Hiro in season three is already suspicious and keeping secrets from Ando, something that would be unbelievable in previous seasons. And their justification of "Hiro thinks Ando will kill him, because he saw the future where that happens" doesn't make sense because, well, old!Hiro saw New York City blowing up several times, and instead of running away from it he tried to stop it. In this case, why not try to stop your best friend from attempting to kill you. By, say, NOT turning on him and becoming a secretive, suspicious idiot?

The thing is, this isn't just a sudden, unexplained character change in Hiro Nakamura (although since Hiro was so close to my heart previously it is particularly troubling to me). Peter, Clare, Mohinder, Nikki, and to a certain extent even Nathan, Sylar, and Noah Bennet have all undergone similar bizarro-tranformations. Evil!Future!Peter is just annoying (for once I agree with Mrs. Bennet -- bring back her son and get the Hell back where you belong), Emo!Numb!Clare is something I thought we grew out of at some point in season one, Lizard!Mohinder I shouldn't even have to qualify (seriously, bring back awkward, earnest, well-meaning Mohinder. The one who could have lines directed at him like "He's adorable. Can I keep him?" I want more adorable and less random!hookup!sex.)

Oh, and on a side note, why must everyone be a Petrelli? Next thing we know, we're going to discover that Hiro's a cousin many times removed and Matt Parkman is Nathan's older half-brother. I mean, really?

Um. So I'm not sure if it's even worth continuing. If I can find a group of people to throw popcorn at the screen with, then I might keep watching. But as is, ugh. I dunno.

In other news, Grad School is going well so far. I have a Genetics Clique. We are too cool for those Dev Bio and Biochem students in our classes (haha yeah right). Also, I have a rotation project. It's pretty much better than expected.


ayn said...

To me, everyone seemed like an exaggerated (or overly-simplistic) version of him or herself. Maybe the writers will get beyond that now that the premier is over, but my hopes aren't that high.

My feelings about this season's opener are summed up nicely by the AV Club commentator: "Remember when Heroes still had mysteries that didn’t automatically make you think about how anticlimactically they’d be resolved?"

I will watch the next episode, but we'll see.

Embly said...

isn't future morally ambiguous peter petrelli not actually peter petrelli at all, but some really bad dude in his body? Thus leaving our emo friend unstained.

Ed Finn said...

I didnt like season 3 opener seems like success may have spoiled Heroes. What was a cute, quirky, odd adventure, took itself way too seriously this time. Time to chill. But I did like that Hiro's dad on the video KNEW that Hiro couldn't resist opening the safe.

Elizabeth said...

@ayn: I see your points, and agree on just about all counts.

@embly: I thought that was future!President!Nathan, who was Sylar in disguise. If they do that again with generic evil character x masquerading as future!Peter masquerading as Peter, well, that would be really sad.

quarterinchline said...

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