Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm going to Galapagos!

In September. Just before moving to Palo Alto! I am super excited. It will be an adventure in biodiversity and evolution!

And perhaps sea kayaking, too.

I will try my best to take lots of pictures of funny animals, none of which include me!

Or maybe I'll be all old-school field biologist and write detailed descriptions and include sketches. I would do that if I could sketch.

Also, I am about 25% done writing the "Imagination Train to the Space Bus" story. (That thing really needs a better title, especially since it does not feature a train.) My problem: It's turning out almost... serious, and not very funny! (Gasp, Elizabeth writing something that is neither academic nor meaningless fluff? What is the world coming to?) My goal: It will be the next post, sometime this week.

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ayn said...

Also, Elizabeth writing something SHORT?!