Thursday, April 24, 2008

I can has Gymnastics?


Maybe not.

But last night I was doing front handsprings and (almost) front + back walkovers, and front flips on the trampoline. And one-armed handstands. And probably a few to many pull-ups because I have silks today. But I almost have my left split back, which is absolutely mind-boggling.
I have found that my diving hurdle is still way, way more comfortable on trampoline than the gymnastics hurdle or the multiple-bouncing approach. And so after three front-flips in a row that were very diver-esque, one of the new kids (Joe, I think his name is, first year + very good gymnast, on the diving team coincidentally) says, "You should really dive."

I tell him that I would if it didn't give me migraines and possibly fainting spells.

He says "You should really dive anyway."

I laugh and say that he might think differently after a month straight of migraine headaches.

Then we trade diving injury stories. He doesn't have many, but there are a few stories the team has accrued; one girl repeatedly smacking her chest so hard she coughs blood, another guy putting his knee through his face on a reverse 1 1/2, etcetera. He says that he's smacked so many times on one-meter he's sure he can't get hurt on that board anymore, I tell him the whole concussion story: namely, thinking that about three-meter, and diving until I couldn't walk in a straight line because of it, and his eyes sort of bug out.

They talk about the circus club, and ask why they never have any tumblers or acrobats. I say it's because the circus club is full of jugglers who aren't interested, and if any of them want to start tumbling with circus, well, they should. They say "But there was that girl who did aerial stuff!" I say she graduated, and I'm doing aerial stuff now for the fun of it, but not performing with the circus.

It was a night of interpretation -- hearing stories that I had lived recounted to me in a very different way.

Things like that yield... perspective. When Joe told me I should really dive, I laughed; it reminded me at once of the joy that sport gave me and the fact that it's not a part of my life anymore, that events conspired and I chose to go in a different direction. And when we bonded over diving stories, it reminded me that I can still have that part of my life, but in a different way than I used to.

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