Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday is still full of meetings

But won't be next week.

This week's meeting was not as awesome and hilarious as last week's, but I did not bring a notepad to take notes, so I cannot blame myself for it. Julie made a big deal out of it being the last meeting for some people, and Steve said, utterly unconvincingly, "I'll really miss you all." When we laughed, Julie said that he really did mean it, to which Steve responded, in the same tone of voice, "Yes, I'll really miss you all." We laughed again. Then Steve said "I'll miss the lunch," which was kind of even funnier.

In personal science news, I *finally* have the construct which I have been working on off and on since December made (it's a long story involving being sent the wrong plasmid, a postdoc not doing what he said he would and us having to change plans three times in the cloning process)! At least, I think so. I am sending it off to be sequenced on Friday morning, and I have one more diagnostic digest to do tonight to verify the previous two semi-positive results. But that is exciting; I might not have to do much more cloning! Hoorays! Because, as Chauncey said at lunch yesterday, cloning sucks.

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