Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This week's Futures

Is awesome. In part because it's clever and creative, in part because it tells something about humanity and life, and in part because it's based on really really real science. My mom told me about those parking-lot things, and some of the kids in her class have the high-pitched ring tones. She got lucky; even at age 54 she can still hear them, but most teachers can't and her students were shocked when she would go up to them and tell them to give her the ringing cell phone. They would actually say "But you can't hear that!" And she would stare and answer "Yes I can." So it's not very futuristic, I guess, which is what some people like about science fiction - wacky and futuristic - but I think I like this better.

In short, everyone should read it because I really like it. Here it is.

Edit: I think that I have a post about sexuality in mice, and possibly a short (Doctor Who related?!) story about it too (it's going to be awesome) but it bears some more cogitation. *cogitates*

Edit 2: I am victorious over fear. I got blood drawn today. On friday I will know if I have mono or if my immune system is just insane.

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