Tuesday, June 07, 2011


My mother, I am certain, wants to see circus videos (last week was notable for two end-of-session showcases). But instead I will bother her with something no one but me cares about: pictures from my garden.

This is the garden that Amy and I planted. It is badly in need of weeding, but otherwise looks good. I think we should start eating some of the leafy greens, otherwise they will be altogether too much. Or something like that.
Especially the arugula. It's taking over the raised bed as if there's nothing else growing there, which shortly there won't be because it will all be arugula.

Which, honestly, won't be all that bad. There are a lot of worse things than arugula. I love it's spicy, bitter bite. None of this is news. What is news is that I finally tried some of the arugula growing in my garden. And let me tell you - it was like store bought arugula only about a hundred times more potent. I don't know what they do to remove all the flavor from the stuff I get in the produce section, but I was shocked, and impressed.

And I only have one more thing to say:

I'm looking forward to the tomatoes.

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Ayn said...

If you have spare arugula (and it seems like you will), make arugula pesto! I've made it with walnuts instead of pine nuts, and arugula replacing the basil (obvs).

I'm also excited for your tomatoes. =)