Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Belated Circus Video

What my mother has been waiting for:

Of course, when I look at it now all I see is the fumbles I make, the time I spend thinking "Wait, what now?" and so on. Advantages over the previous act: I have a character. Disadvantages: the song isn't as good for an act, and the moves don't go as well to the song.

I think those parts are a function of how I choreographed, which is to say that I chose the song (and in certain ways the character) because I was performing in two weeks and hadn't yet found anything better. I had a few sequences I wanted to fit in, and I cut stuff out to fit the music. It worked, and the act is okay, but it could be way better. And although I like the fact that the character came semi-first, and the music came later, I think that it probably works best to spend enough time playing around with the music that they really flow. So next time, before I start stringing tricks together, I'll find some music.


Ayn said...

I noticed your flubs less watching the video than I did in person (probably because in the video I can't see you grimacing!). And even if the music wasn't as right for it as you'd have liked, as I said before your routine followed the music better than anyone else's.

It would really cool if you could find sometime to write original compositions for you to choreograph to...

Leah said...

you are doing very different skills. Much more strength and more supported by your ability to hold the silk. It is a bit more frightening for your mother to watch but I can see the progress you have made this spring. You will get the routine you just need time with these skills. I still like the idea of a class to work on how to make a routine. It is hard. Just like old times choreography that is the question.