Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Since everyone seems to be posting about food (or at least mentioning delicious pumpkin pies in their posts), I feel that I have no choice but to post about my meal yesterday, which consisted of free (yay) bad chinese take out (boo.).

But in the spirit of bad chinese take out, my fortune was, probably, the second most oddly specific fortune cookie I have ever seen. (It still doesn't beat "You will see the Great Pyramid in Egypt.")

While the rest of my cohort was opening cookies to reveal pretty standard fortunes (Good luck comes to those who wait, A significant change is just around the corner, Beware Japanese waitress bearing fortune cookies), I cracked open the shell and read "You will attend an unusual party, and meet someone important."

I think there is only one possible explanation: sometime soon, I will be blindfolded, kidnapped, and taken to an underground sumo-wrestling party, where I will meet Joey, a talking Orangutan sumo-wrestling champion who will lead the ape rebellion. Our conversation will mean that when the revolution does comes, I will not be torn to pieces by screaming monkeys.

Not a bad fortune, all said. Probably better than those poor sods who got "A significant change is just around the corner."

ETA: Updated word count (for those of you who care, and those of you who don't): 40,002. I am 4/5 done with my nano goal, and only 1/3 done with the month. Time to sit back, relax, and coast to the finish line. Or spend lunch breaks, evenings, early mornings, and every free moment I have writing because, hey, who wouldn't use an excuse to write a hilariously bad novel when they could be doing useful things?

ETA2: I am sitting outside, and had missed, for quite some time, the large airship flying across the sky above campus. As in, white blimp labeled "Airship Ventures" with a sign painted on its underbelly: a number to call to schedule your own zeppelin ride.

The (steampunk) future is here, for the rich and famous, and apparently it takes place on a zeppelin. Although the airship could have done with some more brass, I feel.


ayn said...

Oh man, I want a ride in an airship.

Ed Finn said...

The blimp! ... The blimp! It's a happier sight now.