Sunday, February 24, 2008

Graduate Programs

First of all, some very exciting news for those of you who I have not already told: I have been accepted to four schools! Yale, Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins! I am absolutely, incredibly, and stupendously pumped. Honestly, and I know many of you have said I was silly to think this, I started this process thinking I would get in to one, maybe two schools. And I have been accepted everywhere so far. Which is... charmed, I guess.

While I am thinking about it, here are one sentence (or less) summaries of the schools I have visited.

Princeton: Arcadia, but overwhelmed by undergraduates.
Harvard: It seems that the stereotypes are true. (They think their faculty are better than anyone else, and the graduate students seem to live in awe of the professors).
MIT: It seems that the stereotypes are true. (Oddball, clever, exciting, emphasizing a strong basis in biology in general before specialization in lab, and proud but not stuck-up.)
Hopkins: A small program, with a stellar medical school, whose star is rising, but is overwhelmed by undergraduates.
UCSD: They're trying to be the Harvard of the UC system in biology, and therefore stress the "top-10" nature of their school as well as the "unparalleled" associations with biotech and research institutes in the area. La Jolla is a designer community for the life sciences and in a gorgeous area of the country, but the closest big city is Los Angeles (shudder).
UCSF: A "Party School" compared to the others -- students are less mature, causing them to "lose focus" and take upwards of seven years to finish, but who wouldn't fall in love with the city?

Perhaps more info eventually. But my flight is boarding in the next 10 minutes, so I should sign off, pack up, and get ready for my incredibly long, probably unpleasant flight. Oh boy.

But, as a post script, does anyone want to weigh in with insider information about Princeton, MIT, Yale, and Stanford (which are my favorites so far I think)? In particular MIT and Yale; since I am awaiting judgment from the other two.

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't have any real information on Yale that would be helpful for you. The grad school's cafe downtown is pretty rockin' (they use Intelligentsia coffee), and the town in general is unfortunate, but that doesn't mean Yale isn't worth it. And there is some good stuff here. Other than that, what I would have to say would be more detailed than useful or about the Div school only.