Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well, this is not that celebratory, but I NEED to post it

Or rather, it's absolutely awesome.

First, is awesome in that it makes you less guilty for procrastinating with online video games; you're helping the UN to end world hunger with each correct answer. (I've "bought" 13690 grains of rice. Woot.)

Second, it shows you awesome (and counterintutive?) words like the following:

Pulchritude == physical beauty
Fuliginous == sooty
Panjandrum == self-important dignitary
Gallimaufry == hodge-podge
and many others.

Also, quote of the day: "For real, though. Who threw that wedding at me?" - Ayn.


Alex said...

i was totally playing freerice last week! it's awesome!

Elizabeth said...

I love the ones where it goes all meta;

"Superannuated means ... awesome"
"Bodacious means..."
"Panjandrum means... nothing"

15930 grains... sheesh.

Nina said...

hehe. Freerice has gone through the Truman listhost and I can thus state as a fact that EVERYONE under 30 at the Kennedy Center and in the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy spends their lunch breaks plus some on it!