Thursday, November 22, 2007


I started - or rather, continued - rewriting it tonight. And I have some passages that don't give much of anything away, because I had to tell people and Mango and Kate had already gone to sleep.

This was the most humiliating situation he had ever found himself in. Except perhaps that time he had gotten caught in the dolphin tank without his trousers, and everyone insisted they hadn’t seen a foxy red-headed dolphin training seductress anywhere near the aquarium.

This was almost as embarrassing as that. And it was made worse by the fact that the person pointing and laughing at Roger's predicament wasn’t some pimply janitor who probably couldn’t get a sexy red-head in (well, half-in) a wetsuit to lure him to almost-certain death in the dolphin tank if he asked nicely, but rather Roger's own coworkers. And as much as Roger would like to deny it, while Michael would be too much of a prude to be caught without his trousers, well, he had after all inherited his father's looks as well as his employment, and so it would probably not have been for lack of trying on the part of the woman in the tightly fitting neoprene.

That's probably my favorite quote from the new stuff.

Roger is such a melodramatic character though, so over the top. It's such fun to write, even if he's rather despicable.

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Anonymous said...

I like Roger : )

Also, I've been meaning to ask: are the chain of nucleotides at the top a reference to a particular sequence of DNA, or not? I mean, I know that probability dictates that they show up in that order 18 +/- 3.4 gajillion times (trust me, I'm a statistician) in each person's genetic code, but had you anything specific in mind?