Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I just finished sewing the pockets + collar for my new coat!

It is bright red, double breasted, knee-length, and super awesome!

I will have it done by thanksgiving at the latest!

This is very exciting to me!

Pictures will be forthcoming if I can get a camera.


Duff said...

Pictures would be much appreciated. Which sewing project was this? I seem to recall two that you were thinking about.

Alex said...

Is this to replace the blue one? Also, pictures =)!

Elizabeth said...

This is the bright red double-breasted full-at-the-hip and tailored on top coat. I was thinking of a pirate coat that would be way too much work (and way too much embroidery) for something that I probably won't wear.

It's not to replace the blue one, but mostly in addition.

I'll work on getting a camera.