Monday, September 17, 2007

What is so hard about getting my name right on an ID?

I am 1 for 4, on people getting my name right on IDs at their first try. But at least DMVs are full of hijinks for me. I guess that's a good thing. Certainly makes something very boring somewhat exciting.

Today there were two adventures: First, I presented my 19-year-old social security card (with stub containing an address in Roger's park) and my much more recent Maryland Driver's License. They accepted the Social Security card as proof of my residency in Illinois. I am now registered to vote here. At no point did they ask for any sort of more recent mail. I know that they do for some people, because I heard them asking people in line in front of me. They also tried to put the roger's park address as my current address. But I caught them there. When she asked "Is this your current address?" I was shocked enough to sort of double take. I was not aware that the stub to the social security card contained an address. But it does. What's more, I think that wherever I go in life and whatever I do, I will be able to get an Illinois Driver's License. Which is more than a little bit absurd.

The name mistake is much less funny, because it wasn't really their mistake. My (and my brother's) social security cards say "Hauener" instead of "Havener" for the middle name. The woman, therefore, typed my middle name with the U instead of the V. This was, fortunately, easily corrected with my passport which clearly says "Havener". I didn't show her the erroneous social security card again, and I am perhaps lucky she did not ask. But she was fairly apologetic, which was nice. Or something.

Also, the inside of the DMV in Chicago (on a weekday at about 2 pm in the middle of the month) is actually not much of an ordeal. The people are polite, friendly, and intelligent, and they move you through remarkably quickly. (for a DMV).

That is all.

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ayn said...

Well, hooray for having a license, and for being registered to vote.