Friday, September 14, 2007


In this week's Science table of contents, this caught my eye:

Production of Trout Offspring from Triploid Salmon Parents

Now, at first I stared at it and said, well, how can a Salmon give birth to a Trout? The answer, it turns out, is if the Salmon is only externally a Salmon, and has Trout-derived reproductive cells. The researchers took sterile Salmon and transplanted by microinjection (so basically injected into the fish eggs) Trout progenitor cells for reproductive cells. Surprisingly enough, the fish grew normally and were, for all intents and purposes, Salmon with Trout eggs/sperm cells.

Which raises the question, biologically, are they closer to Salmon or closer to Trout?

Also, how wacky and awesome is it that Salmon can give birth to Trout?


Duff said...

I once gave birth to the an unholy union of man-and-beast. I was a sheep rancher out in Utah, and they made a movie about it. THE GOD MONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS.

ayn said...

If it a union of man and beast, why is it a god monster?

Duff said...

Because the monster was the missing link in a brilliant, though shunned by the Academy, anthropologist's THEORY ABOUT ANYTHING.