Friday, June 15, 2007

I was at work today until 7:30 PM.

I am, in fact, just now leaving.

The Graduate student in my lab called me a nerd.

I responded that if it had taken him this long to figure that out, he was pretty damn slow on the uptake.

Also, my experiments worked! Hooray! This means I will have much more work to do next week! Also Hooray!

My Acro adventures, however, have been sadly delayed on account of the fact that it takes me significantly more than 5 minutes to get from here to there; and when I left work I had approximately 5 minutes until I would be 5 minutes late.

Perhaps next week. Perhaps next week I will borrow a car? That would be novel; and would involve approximately 1/4 of the time and significantly less sketchy train and bus rides through/into blue-light neighborhoods.

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Duff said...

You'd think that graduate students would realize that they're nerds too, but I find that that they often desparately try not to be seen as nerds. I am sometimes puzzled over this desire not to be seen as someone who takes pleasure in knowing and learning things, and taking pleasure in those things. Are we just to be miserable about our lives?

University of Chicago's undergraduate institution is unique in this regard, I realize this more now that I am away from it.