Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harry Potter and the End of Harry Potter

We have internet in the apartment now, but I am waiting for a digest to go to completion at work so I don't have much better to do than read online newspapers. (only 15 more minutes!)

Such as this article. Which I love, especially the last sentence; that this has probably been the most fun an intelligent person can have with clothes on in the 21st century. Partly because it's goofily true and partly because all the caveats are absolutely wonderful and make it better. As in, well, there might have been more fun things to do in the past, and there might be in the future, but in the 21st, it's Harry Potter. So far at least. And people who aren't clever and don't like discussions and analysing texts might find this fun, but we do. Of course, I think there are more exiciting things going on than Harry Potter, but more fun (in the sense of good, clean, fun)? Probably not.

Also, I am tempted to write down all of my theories so that I can consult back and see which ones are fulfilled and which ones I got wrong. But then again, maybe that's beside the point. People who have talked to me about it know what I think is going to happen, at least in general terms (and the more generally I couch my statements, the more likely they are to be true!).

Besides, I'm not as big a fan as I used to be - or I'm a calmer fan than I used to be, it's hard to tell - I haven't frequented fictionalley or mugglenet or the leaky cauldron for so very long. Part of me is proud of it. Growing up. Or something like that.

The one thing I'm certain of is that I won't want it to be the ending, however she ends it, and I will go through a process of denial -- it isn't really over, there are still so many stories to tell! -- until I just come to terms with the fact that she's moved on to bigger and better things. Which is all as it should be, I think.

And as much as I want to order online from Amazon and get sleep the morning of the 21st, well, it's the last book, and so there are certain things (like standing in a line to get my copy at 12:01 am) that simply must be done. To honor the fandom and my former place in it. Or just the fun that it is no doubt going to be. Because it will be fun. And once I have finished reading book 7, I'll probably check all the others out from a library and re-read those. Or rather, once I have finished reading book 7, and Day Watch, and the collection of short stories by Marquez on my desk, and probably a couple other books as well.

Because that's just how it goes.

And my samples are almost ready! So, I go!


Duff said...

I know how it ends: a drunken Ron finds Harry having an affair with Hermione, kills them both with a shotgun, and then casts Semper Septim on himself.

Elizabeth said...

Semper Septim?