Monday, May 14, 2007

This layout brought to you by boredom and procrastination

I've been wanting to do a stained-glass inspired layout for a while. But that will have to wait. This one is inspired, instead, by Cirque du Soleil's Grand Chapiteau. I like the semi-transparent boxes so you can better see the spiral. Fancy. I also was warped by my experiences in middle and high school about web-design, to feel that a cleaner, sharper look was better. So that while at first I thought it would be really cute to have the whole thing actually look like a tent, I decided against it in preference to something more abstract and streamlined. And of course, no frames. (That was the other thing I was told I can't say how many times - if you can do it without frames, don't use them).

We'll see how long this layout lasts. Over the summer I should have even more time to waste, so there might be some rapid-fire layout changes. Or maybe I'll actually have a life. Hah, that would be funny.

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